Tips for Traveling with Friends… and Still Remaining Friends

[ad_1] Traveling alone means you can do what you want, when you want. Even if solo travel is your jam, there will be times when you find yourself traveling with others – whether that’s with family, with one friend, or with a group of friends for the first time. If your friends are willing to […]

How I’ve Kept Traveling the World After Having My Baby

[ad_1] Posted: 3/24/2023 | March 24th, 2023 Everyone says that you have to stop traveling the world once you have kids. In this guest post, Kristin from Be My Travel Muse shares how she has managed to keep traveling the world — even with a baby — and the lessons and challenges traveling with a […]

Cooking in Mexico: Healthy Food to Make While Traveling

[ad_1] Dining out in Mexico should undoubtedly be part of your Mexican itinerary. Great street food is plentiful and cheap, but don’t forget about cooking in Mexico. Mexican cuisine is consistently listed in the top ten globally, appreciated especially for rich pozoles, moles, and a dish called cochinita pibila (pork filling used in tacos, tortas […]