From Mayfair to Ladbroke Grove

[ad_1] Saturday, January 14th , 2023 There is a new head chef at Ormer Mayfair (pictured), and the cooking style has certainly changed there. The meal was a touch erratic in standard but the best dishes were every good indeed, with excellent canapes, a lovely ham jelly dish and gorgeous cured mackerel dish in particular. […]

From Richmond to Mayfair

[ad_1] Saturday, February 25th , 2023    Koyn is an upmarket Japanese restaurant in Mayfair of the Nobu/Zuma/Roka style. It has very smart décor, unthreatening dishes, slick service and a price tag to match its Mayfair location. The cooking was actually pretty good, and probably better than it needs to be in some ways, as […]