Explore the Best of Morocco : Top 5 Destinations for a Memorable Journey

op 5 destinations in Morocco

Morocco is a beautiful country with a rich culture, stunning landscapes, and fascinating history. If you’re planning a trip to Morocco , here are the top 5 destinations you should consider visiting: Marrakech Marrakech is one of Morocco’s most popular destinations, known for its vibrant markets, beautiful architecture, and rich history. The city’s medina is […]

Top 5 Restaurants in Venice : Where to Enjoy Authentic Italian Cuisine

Top 5 Restaurants in Venice

Discover the top 5 restaurants in Venice for authentic Italian cuisine, from traditional seafood dishes to classic pasta dishes. Our guide includes information on the best restaurants in Venice and what to expect when dining in this beautiful city.   Venice is a city renowned for its stunning architecture, rich history, and delicious cuisine. With […]

I return to Sola

[ad_1] Saturday, November 05th , 2022 Sola offers high end Californian cuisine in the heart of Soho. It uses unusually high-quality luxury ingredients, something increasingly rare in London these days as restaurants strive to cut corners. I particularly enjoyed the hare royale (pictured) at this latest meal, but there were plenty of lovely dishes. I […]

One White Street – Tribeca – New York

[ad_1] One White Street’s chef used to cook at Eleven Madison Park and Frenchie in Paris, so it’s not shocking that each course is prepared with Steph-Curry-shooting-a-free-throw-like precision. All the food at this upscale farm-to-table restaurant in Tribeca is pretty to look at, and not one dish misses the mark in terms of execution. You’ll […]

Visiting Edinburgh

[ad_1] Saturday, November 12th , 2022 The Scran and Scallie continues to pack the punters in by offering appealing dishes that use good ingredients and are well made, such as a high-class scallop with apple and celeriac. The Fishmarket at Newhaven was a mixed affair, with good fish and chips but some dubious side dishes […]

Zhego – Woodside – New York

[ad_1]  Lucky for us New Yorkers, we live in a city where even the most hard-to-find food is only a subway ride away. Now that Zhego exists, that includes Bhutanese cuisine. Your order must include Ema Datsi, the national dish of Bhutan, as well as some cheese-filled momos, and hot, salty butter tea. Fans of […]

From Notting Hill to Piccadilly

[ad_1] Saturday, November 26th , 2022   Dorian (pictured) is a new up-market bistro in Notting Hill, with a chef who has a quite serious track record. Ingredient quality was pretty high and the meal was enjoyable, though there was one dish that was disappointing and the bill is anything but cheap. Still, I imagine […]

The Ivory Peacock – Flatiron – New York

[ad_1] This huge Flatiron spot is really three bars under the same roof, and the focus here is on gin. They have more than 180 different kinds on hand, but if you want a vodka soda or a pint of Guinness, you can order that too (unless you’re sitting in the wrong place). The somewhat […]

From Shoreditch to White City

[ad_1] Monday, December 05th , 2022 Cycene in Shoreditch is the latest venue for chef Theo Clench. It is an intimate venue with a dozen or so seats, a tasting menu format and a very Shoreditch wine list. The food was very good, though this is an expensive outing, and the wine list is not […]

The Flatiron Room – Flatiron – New York

[ad_1] If your idea of a good time is listening to live jazz while drinking hard-to-find whiskey, plan your next night out at The Flatiron Room. This supper club-like place never charges a cover, and if there’s a brown liquor that you’ve been searching for, you’ll probably find it in their 55-page binder. Buy a […]

From Westminster to Soho

[ad_1] Saturday, December 10th , 2022   Yaatra is a large Indian restaurant in Westminster that has recently been relaunched after an ownership and name change. We took advantage of a half price introductory offer and so ate cheaply, and I enjoyed a tandoori prawn starter in particular. However, there was some unevenness in the […]

Where To BYOB In NYC – New York

[ad_1] Compared to cities like Chicago and Philly, New York doesn’t have a ton of restaurants where you can bring your own booze. But the need to drink on the cheap is an important one, so we’ve put together this list of places where you can show up with your own bottle and be welcomed. […]

Happy Christmas!

[ad_1] Saturday, December 24th , 2022 The Brilliant has been running since 1975, a landmark of the Southall dining scene. It serves traditional Punjabi food, mostly to Asian families but with the occasional interloper such as me. The cooking is very consistent and the service is remarkably slick, yet the cost per person is modest, […]

Manna One – Two Bridges – New York

[ad_1] Manna One is a little off the beaten path, which works in your favor because it’s not as mobbed as some of the bakeries just a few blocks away. Located where Chinatown, Two Bridges, and the LES meet, this takeout-only spot has a bright “We sell pork buns” sign right by the door. Their […]

From Stratford to East Sheen

[ad_1] Saturday, January 07th , 2023   Allegra in Stratford (pictured) is at the top of a hotel quite near the Westfield Shopping Centre, surrounded by smart new blocks of flats in an area that has been regenerated in recent years. The cooking at Allegra is ambitious and genuinely good: a choux bun with liver […]