If you’re thinking about downsizing your backpack, just do it. Your back will thank you.

Caroline Eubanks

Most of us who travel carry-on only have a luggage downsizing story. We didn’t just magically know how to pack light, or even that we should.

But over time we realized carrying a heavy bag around wasn’t worth the effort. We made changes, packed fewer things, switched to smaller backpacks and suitcases, and we are happier travelers for it.

Why Caroline downsized her beloved backpack

Caroline wearing her 65L Kelty backpack (left) that she eventually replaced with the 36L Osprey (right).
Caroline wearing her 65L Kelty backpack (left) that she eventually replaced with the 36L Osprey (right).


When Caroline set off for her working holiday in Australia, she packed her Kelty Arch 65L backpack to the brim. She packed all sorts of things she never used, including a year’s worth of toothpaste.

Later she remembered, Australia has stores too. She could purchase things there instead of weighing herself down with unnecessary items.


Eventually, the bag became too much of a burden. Things got lost at the bottom, it didn’t fit in some hostel lockers, and it was causing her back pain.

Caroline made the decision to replace her lovely purple 65L backpack with a more practical 36L Osprey Sirrus (affiliate link).

How downsizing my luggage was a great decision

REI Trail 40L backpack - downsize your luggage
Ali with her REI Trail 40 backpack


I’m a worrier by nature. This used to bleed over into my packing style and caused me to pack all sorts of things just in case. But I never did need those extra items, and the big bag was just weighing me down.

I finally decided to try traveling with less.


I cut back on the amount of clothing I packed because you can do laundry in other places, and no one cares if you wear the same shirt 2 or 3 times. I started limiting my liquids to 3.4 ounces/100ml to comply with carry-on allowances and avoid checking luggage.

I used past experience to determine which items could be left out of my backpack, and eventually, I went from a suitcase I could fit inside of to a REI Trail 40L backpack.

Why Georgina is glad she travels with 40L

Why I Travel with Just 40L
Georgina and her Eurohike 40L backpack.


Georgina remembered traveling in Sydney with a huge 70L backpack. It was heavy and unwieldy, and it magnified her stress as she tried to find the right bus stop.

She also remembered desperately throwing it to the ground and sitting on it when she got frustrated.


Now she travels with just 9 kilograms in a 40L backpack. She’s much calmer when she’s orienting herself with a new city because she isn’t weighed down by a heavy bag. She can walk around for long periods of time without getting worn out or sore from her backpack.

Less stuff equals less stress for Georgina.

Laura’s before and after downsizing stories

Laura Bronner and her 80L backpack suited up - downsize your luggage
Laura before: in desperate need of some luggage downsizing


Laura packed up her 80L backpack several times for long trips, and each time she felt weighed down by her heavy luggage. Once at the airport she was told her backpack weight 19 kilograms, or almost 42 pounds. As she dealt with back pain from lugging this weight around, she started digging through to find the problem.

She found shoes, clothes, and even camping gear she hadn’t used in months. She was also carrying around a small library of books because she hadn’t switched to an e-reader yet. Finally, she admitted to herself that she needed to make some changes.


Laura downsized to a backpack half the size (40L!) to limit what she could pack. She was more practical about the amount of toiletries she brought and thought through her clothing choices better.

She knew she could restock on the road and replace any items that wore out. Winter clothes she no longer needed could be left behind, t-shirts could be purchased in warmer climates.

>>Read more of Laura’s story of being a chronic overpacker and how she recovered and now travels with a 40L backpack.

Marissa’s evolution of downsizing to a 30L backpack

marissa downsizing luggage story


Marissa used to pack bags big enough for a family of four to travel with, and she suffered many travel inconveniences because of it- including not being able to handle the beast on her own. This fact alone is one of the reasons we generally recommend downsizing luggage while you travel.


But Marissa’s downsizing didn’t happen overnight; it was truly an evolution. Through many trials and errors, she finally decided that 30L backpack travel was for her.

Rowena’s family downsized to 25L each

The family's small bags ready for departure.
The family’s small bags ready for departure.


If the thought of traveling and managing your own luggage sounds daunting, then imagine what it’s like to have to worry about your children and their luggage as well. That’s pretty good reason to downsize, right?

Rowena thought so as well, and to help make her family travels a less stressful and worrisome experience, the family of 4 have gone carry-on only on several international trips. In fact, each person in the family travels with less than 25L in luggage each!

Rachel went prepared and not paranoid

rachel downsizing before after
Rachel downsized her main backpack from 60L to 30L.


When Rachel went away for several months the year before, she hated the amount of luggage she brought. When waiting for her luggage at the baggage carousel, she secretly hoped hers had gone missing!


Her next big trip was moving to Costa Rica for half a year, and she vowed to make improvements to her packing. Instead of a 60L backpack for her main luggage, she downsized to just 30L – which is literally cutting her luggage in half!

The secret to her downsizing was coming prepared and not packing for the paranoia.

Mary and her husband packed into one 36L backpack

blending luggage with a partner
Mary went through the process of blending luggage with her partner into one 36L backpack.


Mary had always been an overpacker, but when she got married, the problem got worse. Not only was she stuffing her luggage to the brim, but she was also using space in her husband’s luggage for extras.

A month-long trip to England the year before had been the kicker. There was too much luggage juggling and drama getting around by train.


Mary knew her habits needed to change, so she went to the complete opposite end of the spectrum for a trip to New Orleans. She and her husband packed into one 36L backpack!

Tips to help you downsize your luggage

Packing light is totally possible. Her Packing List is here to help.

The following posts offer helpful advice to help you reduce the weight and amount of stuff you pack, switch to a smaller backpack or suitcase, and enjoy the freedom that finally packing light gives you.

Have you downsized your luggage? We want to hear it! Email us to pitch a post!

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