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GARY NUMAN: Asperger’s is my superpower – It was behind his hit singles

When Gary Numan says something’s weird, you know it’s very weird. This is a man whose idea of a ‘quite normal’ family life is living in Los Angeles in a house that looks like a castle with trapdoors and secret passages, complete with a 20ft bronze dragon in the garden where others might have a garden gnome. 

The pop icon is talking about how his second facelift involved having his skin hoiked skyward to such a degree that he has to shave behind his ear. 

‘I have to kind of pull my ear forward,’ he says, demonstrating. So he has stubble in places it shouldn’t be? ‘Yeah. I haven’t shaved today so I can feel it. Isn’t that weird?’ 

Weirder still is that he says he’s ‘not that bothered’ about cosmetic surgery, having only had two facelifts (and five hair…

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