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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Stressed? Don’t fret… it can help make you stronger

Are you feeling stressed? Join the club. There’s the cost-of-living crisis, the threat of rising fuel bills and the constant pressures of just keeping our heads above water.

Even before Covid came along, a survey by the Mental Health Foundation found that 75 per cent of Britons reported that they were so stressed over the previous year that they felt they couldn’t cope.

Yet alongside ‘bad’ stress there is also ‘good’ stress, which makes you rise to a challenge and triumph against the odds (I’m thinking of you, Lionesses).

Sometimes a bit of extra stress is just what the doctor ordered. That was the conclusion of a recent study by the University of Georgia in the U.S., which found that being exposed to moderate levels of stress not only makes people more resilient, but also…

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