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British student, 19, is left paralysed after being charged by a bison at a US state park in gap year

A British student embarking on a gap year trip in the US says she is lucky to be alive after a bison charged into her, gored her thigh and threw her in the air.

19-year-old Amelia ‘Mia’ Dean is now paralysed after the 2,000lb animal tore the femoral artery in her left thigh during the shocking attack in South Dakota.

As Miss Dean, from Brockham, Surrey, lay bleeding and injured at the 71,000 acre Cluster State Park, the wild beast – one of 1,500 in the reserve – stood directly next to her head before her friend bravely led it away.

Although Miss Dean and her friend had spotted the animal 100 feet away, she was ‘shocked into stillness’ as it charged towards her, The Telegraph reports.

19-year-old Amelia ‘Mia’ Dean from Brockham, Surrey, is paralysed after a 2,000lb bison tore the…

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