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Alex Jones asks for donations after being ordered to pay $4.1M to Sandy Hook parents

Conservative conspiracy theorist Alex Jones begged his viewers to donate to him on Thursday after he was ordered to pay more than $4 million to the parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, which he once claimed was a hoax, as an economist testifies in court that he and his company are worth $270 million.

In a video posted Thursday to, Jones said the amount he’s ordered to pay is ‘more than my company has [and] more than I personally have,’ claiming ‘we are so broke.’

Jones told viewers it’s their responsibility to keep him and his company afloat, saying in the video ‘if you don’t fund us… we will shut down’ and telling them ‘it’s your decision’ whether Infowars shuts down.

He added the company ‘can barely keep the crew employed’ due to their financial issues,…

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