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First woman to complete Extreme Explorers Trifecta flies on Blue Origin’s space tourist mission

Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has launched its sixth tourist trip into suborbital space that helped the first woman complete the Explorer’s Extreme Trifecta.

This honor is gained by reaching the highest point on Earth, venturing to the deepest corner of the sea and soaring into space – Victor Vescovo is the only other person to complete all three.

Vanessa O’Brien, 57, scaled the peak of Mount Everest in 2012 and two years later, the British-American dived 35,843 feet to the Challenger Deep – the deepest known point of the seabed of Earth.

Two other crew members made history as well following Thursday’s launch. Sara Sabry and Mário Ferreira who are now the first people of Egyptian and Portuguese decent to go into space. 

Also along for the epic journey was Clint Kelly III, a former member…

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