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CNN is pondering anchor lineup change to increase viewership after profits drops below $1billion

CNN is considering a revamp of its anchor lineup, with less reliance on opinionated anchors like Don Lemon – a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump – and Brianna Keilar, in favor of the likes of White House Chief Correspondent Kaitlan Collins, after profits were projected to fall below $1 billion, a first since 2016. 

The news network, spearheaded by new chief, Chris Licht, formerly of CBS News, is shifting back toward reporting straight news rather than airing discussion panels between opinionated contributors often criticizing Republican policies in favor of liberal ones.

‘CNN seems to be moving back more toward straight news and away from some of the blatant opinion-mongering by its anchors that characterized its past few years,’ Mark Feldstein, chairman of the broadcast…

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