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Indy Clinton shares her five controversial parenting rules

A young Australian mother has outlined the five controversial rules she ‘will never’ enforce upon her two children, including physically disciplining them and forcing them to eat vegetables they don’t like.

Indy Clinton, 25, who lives with her husband and one-year-old son Navy on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, took to TikTok on Tuesday to discuss common parenting ‘rules’ – and the ones she’d never enforce. 

Pregnant with her second child – a girl – Indy captioned the footage ‘get your popcorn ready’ to signal the ‘rant’ she was about to share with her 588,000 followers. 

‘Let’s address the elephant in the room: discipline. I will never physically discipline my children ever. I was brought up with physical discipline – with a belt and a wooden spoon – and I just don’t think that’s the right…

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