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They sing you lullabies, give heat massages and use cutting edge Nasa technology

Many of us wear an eye mask to block out light when we sleep, but what if your mask could also sing lullabies, give massages and harnessed the latest NASA technology? 

Enter the new wave of high-tech eye tech which promises to do just that. These ‘smart’ masks claim to help us nod off by enlisting the support of other senses — touch, heat and sound — to create a relaxing sleep environment. 

With 60 per cent of people reporting an increase in sleep problems post pandemic, it’s no wonder we’re turning to futuristic options. 

Last year the global eye mask market grew by £8.2million to £1.7billion and, over the next three years, nearly a third of growth will come from the technology sector, according to Technavio market research. 

Smart sleep masks claim to help us…

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