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Pat Toomey blasts Jon Stewart as ‘pseudo-celebrity’ and defends voting against veterans’ healthcare

Republican Senator Pat Toomey accuses Democrats of using sick veterans to ‘sneak’ unrelated spending into the PACT Act and unleashing ‘pseudo-celebrity’ Jon Stewart to attack his opposition to toxic burn pits bill

  • Pennsylvania Republican Senator Toomey led GOP opposition to the PACT Act, which would help expand healthcare coverage for veterans affected by burn pits
  • Toomey claimed Democrats were hiding a ‘slush fund’ in the legislation
  • The bill passed 84 to 14 in June but had to be voted on again due to a technical error that forced it back to the floor
  • Just 55 senators voted for it last week, five lawmakers short of the threshold needed to advance the bill and overcome a filibuster
  • Former Daily Show host Jon Stewart, who has been advocating for veterans and first…

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