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BP executive Tony Beaumont gave up $200K job to run Jim’s Cleaning Bayview

Tony Beaumont’s story is not rags to riches but rather riches to (cleaning) rags.

As a high-flying corporate executive he had all the trappings of success including a $200,000 salary, shares in oil giant BP, a company car and 45 staff under him but he gave it all away to scrub floors.

He now owns Jim’s Cleaning Bayview in Sydney’s northern suburbs and says despite taking a ‘financial hit’ he is much happier.

 Tony Beaumont was a high-flying corporate executive with oil giant BP but he found the job had taken over his life in a way he didn’t like

The BP role required him to spend time in Melbourne each month away from his family, leaving behind his wife and two young young children in Sydney.

‘My peers were all career-focused, and I had no desire to go to Melbourne ongoing – the…

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