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MEGHAN MCCAIN: Meghan Markle should run for president and eat deep-fried Oreos at Iowa State Fair

Meghan Markle is suffering serious delusions if she truly believes that she will ever become President of the United States of America.

There, I said it.

Now can we please stop entertaining this abject stupidity?

The first inklings of this ridiculous idea surfaced in 2020 when ‘a close friend of the royal’ told Vanity Fair that ‘The Duchess’ refused to give up her American citizenship, because she had designs on the White House.

Last year, she fueled the fantasy again with reports that she was networking with senior Democrats.

After the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, she arrived out of the blue for a tasteless photo-op at a memorial for the victims.

And this week she set the rumor mill spinning again when she sat down with feminist icon Gloria Steinem for an interview with Vogue Magazine –…

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