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British woman living down under writes pros and cons list labelling Australia as ‘boring’

A British woman who has been living in Australia has shared pros and cons list of each country with ‘boring’ used to describe her time Down Under.

Deborah Sexton made the move from East Yorkshire to New York after finishing university in 2002.

After watching the terrifying events of September 11 from her office window, Ms Sexton decided she needed to be closer to family and moved to Sydney where one of her sisters lived, and after six years moved to Melbourne.

On Tuesday, the British expat wrote a list of pros and cons of living in both countries and shared it to Ping Pong Poms – a Facebook group for ‘people thinking about moving back to the UK’.

Deborah Sexton posted a pros and cons list of living in Australia and the UK to a Facebook group for ‘people thinking about moving back…

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