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The Seattle man who’s watched over 10,000 cat videos and isn’t stopping

He’s watched, by his count, over 10,000 cat videos in the past 10 years. That’s a lot of meowing to absorb.

Out of all those videos, could he put together an all-time Top 5? No problem.

Will Braden made a list just like that. For him, for all those years, cats have been 24/7.

He’s the cinematographer who used to shoot everything from commercials to weddings and now has a full-time job as the guy who puts together CatVideoFest, “the world’s #1 cat video festival.” It’s playing in Seattle for three days beginning Friday at the Cinema Egyptian, and at various times in 100 other cities, mostly in the U.S.

No, after all these years, he doesn’t get tired of the videos.

“Everyone deserves a fun cat video to distract…

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