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NASA wants to put a nuclear reactor on the moon by 2030

NASA has announced plans to put a nuclear reactor on the moon by 2030 as part of a vision to turn the lunar body into an orbiting power station.

The US space agency has chosen three design concept proposals for a fission power system that could be ready to launch by the end of the decade. 

It would then be tested by astronauts returning to the lunar surface under the new Artemis programme, which will see the first woman and 13th man land on the moon by 2025.

The plan is for the 40-kilowatt class fission power system to last at least 10 years in the lunar environment, with the hope that it could one day support a permanent human presence on the moon, as well as support manned missions to Mars and beyond.

If NASA is to build a base on the lunar surface, one of the major problems to solve…

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