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Lisa Wilkinson’s daughter Billi Fitzimmons’ website mistakes Aboriginal flag on The Daily Aus

A howler of a Photoshop error has capped off a big week for Lisa Wilkinson’s family after her daughter’s news platform mixed up the German and Aboriginal flags.

Billi FitzSimons, the daughter of Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons, has been editor of the ‘social media first’ outlet The Daily Aus since March.

And the 24-year-old faced her first big hurdle in the top job this week when the website edited the German flag to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, rather than the Aboriginal flag.

Meanwhile – in what could only be dubbed suspicious timing – just a day later Ms FitzSimons posted a job listing looking for a fact checker who has ‘meticulous attention to detail’.

The Daily Aus editor photoshopped the German flag onto the iconic bridge for a story about the Aboriginal flag…

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