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Croaked it! Appetite for frogs’ legs in France and Belgium is driving the species to extinction

They may be considered a gourmet delicacy, but the demand for frogs’ legs in France and Belgium is putting frog populations at risk, a new study has warned.

The EU imports about 4,070 tonnes of frogs’ legs per year – equivalent to between 81 and 200 million frogs – the vast majority of which are captured from the wild.

This increasingly threatens frog populations in supplier countries including Indonesia, Turkey and Albania, according to German campaign group Pro Wildlife.

In Indonesia, Java frogs (Limnonectes macrodon), which were once widely traded have now largely disappeared.

Meanwhile, scientists warn that the edible frogs native to Turkey could be extinct by 2032 if the immense captures from the wild continue. 

And in Albania, the EU’s fourth largest supplier of frogs’ legs, the…

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