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Vet who escaped abusive household at 16 reveals how joining military saved her from homelessness

A Navy veteran and former pin-up model who lived on the streets for two years after escaping her abusive household at age 16 has revealed how joining the military saved her from homelessness.

Janae Sergio, now 40, from California, was raised by a single mom who would ‘beat’ her so hard that she said she sometimes thought she was going to ‘die’ if she didn’t stop.

At age 16, after she was sexually assaulted by one of her mother’s ‘various male companions,’ she was sent to a homeless shelter – which she described as ‘almost equally traumatizing and fearful.’

She then began to live on the streets, where she faced ‘multiple attempts’ from men to ‘lure her into sex trafficking.’

She was homeless for two full years before she decided to joined the military when she was 18, which ultimately saved…

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