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Unseen horrors of Chernobyl: Children covered in mysterious green patches shown in new documentary

by Jonathon Mayo for the Daily Mail

The V.I. Lenin Nuclear Power Station at Chernobyl, with its four RBMK nuclear reactors, was the pride of the Soviet Union, generating electricity for 30 million homes and businesses.

It was an operating system the West had rejected because of concerns about design flaws and its safety, but the Soviets were confident it was secure. In an interview in February 1986, Vitali Sklyarov, the Minister of Power and Electrification of the Ukraine, said: ‘The odds of a meltdown are one in 10,000 years.’ 

JONATHAN MAYO reveals, in gripping detail, how the catastrophe unfolded minute by minute…

Sky series, Chernobyl, shed new light on one of the world’s worst nuclear incidents

Friday, April 25, 1986 


It has been an unseasonably warm day at Chernobyl,…

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