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Tamica Mullaley given apology after baby Charlie was raped and murdered but she was arrested

The devastated grandfather of a baby boy who was kidnapped, raped and murdered has revealed how he begged police for help – but they arrested him and the child’s mother instead.

Little Charlie Mullaley was snatched by his evil stepdad Mervyn Bell and endured a brutal 15-hour terror ordeal at the sick pervert’s hands.

Bell was finally captured 800km away the next day – but the infant was dead after being sexually abused and battered mercilessly for hours.

The little boy’s body had more than 100 separate injuries, including broken bones, third degree burns, internal bleeding and bruising.

But when the family tried to raise the alarm on the night he was abducted, police dismissed their fears and asked: ‘How many cars do you think we’ve got?’

Little Charlie Mullaley was snatched by his…

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