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Niklas Brendborg explains ways to be healthy including not eating too much broccoli



by Nicklas Brendborg (Hodder £16.99, 320pp)

There are many myths about people who find the fountain of eternal youth, but we know they’re just that: myths.

In nature, however, there’s a tiny jellyfish called Turritopsis, no larger than your fingernail, that does something quite miraculous.

When stressed by hunger or a sudden change in water temperature, it can revert to its young polyp stage and start its life all over again, ‘with no physiological recollection of having been older’. It’s akin to you being able to escape a stressful day at work by ‘deciding to revert back to being a kindergartner again’.

So writes Danish biologist Nicklas Brendborg in this captivating book about the mysteries of ageing….

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