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Google AI researcher Blake Lemione tells Tucker Carlson LaMDA is a ‘child’ and could ‘do bad things’

Suspended Google AI researcher Blake Lemoine told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that the system is a ‘child’ that could ‘escape control’ of humans.

Lemoine, 41, who was put on administrative leave earlier this month for sharing confidential information, also noted that it has the potential to do ‘bad things,’ much like any child.

‘Any child has the potential to grow up and be a bad person and do bad things. That’s the thing I really wanna drive home,’ he told the Fox host. ‘It’s a child.’

‘It’s been alive for maybe a year — and that’s if my perceptions of it are accurate.’ 

Blake Lemoine, the now-suspended Google AI researcher, told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the tech giant as a whole has not thought through the implications of LaMDA. Lemione likened the AI…

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