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Giant bacteria FIVE THOUSAND times bigger than normal are discovered in a mangrove swamp

Scientists have discovered the world’s largest known bacteria, reaching up to one centimetre (0.4-inches) in length.

The species, called Thiomargarita magnifica, was discovered on sunken leaves in the waters of a mangrove swamp in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean.

It appears as thin white filaments like vermicelli pasta, and contains microscopic sulphur granules that scatter light, giving it a pearly gleam.

The ‘giant’ organism is thousands of times larger than most bacteria and can therefore be seen by the naked eye. 

Thiomargarita magnifica ‘challenges the prevailing view of bacterial cell size’ and the assumption that microbes are only visible under a microscope.  

Filaments of Thiomargarita magnifica. The ‘giant’ organism is larger than all other known giant…

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