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Ben Fordham 2GB slams hypocrite politician Matt Kean

 By 2GB breakfast host Ben Fordham

Brace yourself.

The energy crisis and rising power prices are only going to get worse.

A new report has warned electricity bills could sky-rocket by the end of the decade.

The rapid closure of NSW’s coal plants could see the average family fork out double for their annual energy costs.

The Institute of Public Affairs has found that every megawatt of coal-fired power taken out of the grid has led to a 2 cent rise in costs.

By the time other plants close in 2030… A Sydney household could be paying $2,600 a year to use electricity.

According to the Daily Telegraph- that’s a 100% increase on the current average of $1,300.

That’s going to sting.

And it flies in the face of what we’ve been promised.

By 2030 – the new Federal Government wants 80% of the…

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