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A 12-year-old seeks the power to change the world in ‘miku, and the gods.’

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What if there were a path to becoming a god? You’ll have to excuse the potential blasphemy for this thought experiment. But why be some normal profession if you could potentially use your godly powers to change the world for the better instead of continuing to wade through the slow trudge of progress? When 12-year-old Miku proclaims, “I’m Miku, and I want to be a god,” in Julia Izumi’s “miku, and the gods.,” presented at ArtsWest and copresented by Pork Filled Productions, what initially appears to be a fiery decision to take down the patriarchy reveals itself to be something much more personal.

Accompanying Miku on this quest for godly knowledge is Ephraim, a young boy seeking to make the Olympics one day. Together, they enlist the help of the mystical…

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