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Vegan activist and OnlyFans star Tash Peterson opens up about topless protests in Perth

A notorious vegan activist and OnlyFans star has opened up about her topless protests and how the stunts have made her relationship with her boyfriend stronger.

Dubbed the nation’s biggest pest by Western Australian authorities, Tash Peterson has endured numerous brushes with the law and caused a stir on the streets of Perth with her regular animal rights stunts.

She also flaunts her body on adult site OnlyFans to raise awareness for the cause to her growing fanbase of almost 10,000 followers. 

But Ms Peterson has the full support of boyfriend Jack Higgs, who not only does her body paint, but also films her semi-naked protests.

The outspoken activist makes no apologies for the extraordinary lengths she goes to get her message across, despite constant death threats, abuse and countless…

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