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Ukrainian soldiers praise ‘life-saving’ Australian-made Bushmaster vehicles

Ukrainian soldiers are singing the praises of Australian-made Bushmasters and pleading for more to be sent to fight off the brutal Russian invasion of their country.

The 19 surviving troop carriers are in constant action and under heavy fire in Ukraine’s east as the soldiers lucky enough to drive them label them life-savers.

Footage emerged in late May that showed the burnt-out wreckage of a Bushmaster sitting on an empty field on the border between Donetsk and Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. 

A Ukrainian unit commander has now confirmed a Bushmaster was destroyed near the village of Trypillia but everyone inside the bombed vehicle survived. 

Vitaly, who drives and commands another Bushmaster, told the Sydney Morning Herald he was part of the battle and saw what happened. 

‘I was there, I…

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