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MailOnline tries the world’s first plant-based filet mignon steaks

MailOnline has tried the world’s first plant-based filet mignon steak – and it’s shockingly close to the real thing.

Created by a Slovenian firm called Juicy Marbles, the fake filet mignon contains fat made from sunflower oil and soy protein that mimics real flesh. 

Rather than using 3D printing or scaffolding, Juicy Marbles uses a patent-pending machine to align layers of protein ‘fibre’ from the bottom up. 

This results in a texture that imitates the fibres found in beef tissue, resulting in juicy chunks that ‘softly tear away’.

However, the product fetches a handsome price that’s worthy of a real filet mignon; unless you buy in bulk, each 113g Juicy Marbles steak costs nearly £10 each. 

Juicy Marbles says on its website: ‘The experience is exquisite. The texture is firm,…

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