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Husband complaining about your snoring? Blame your hormones!

Snoring is more common in post-menopausal women due to hormone deficiencies, a study finds.

Around one in 20 post-menopausal women suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea – a condition that causes the airway to collapse. 

It leads to loud snoring that can wake sufferers up to 40 times a night.

Now researchers in Norway have found that not enough oestrogen and progesterone is to blame.

These are the hormones which are replaced when women have HRT, raising hopes it could help with snoring and sleep apnoea too.

But across the UK, tens of thousands of women for whom HRT is a lifeline are struggling to get hold of their menopause medication due to supply shortages.

Pharmacists were given the go-ahead to prescribe alternatives to out-of-stock treatment last month amid an outcry over the shortages.

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