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Experts laud Biden’s move to restrict nicotine in cigarettes to ‘non-addictive’ levels

Public health ant tobacco addiction experts largely approve of a recent move by the Biden Administration to limit the nicotine in cigarettes sold in the U.S. to ‘non-addictive’ levels – but do fear it could spur some to smoke more than before.

The plan was unveiled by the White House on Tuesday, as part of a greater effort to lower tobacco use in the U.S. – especially among teens and minority communities – and to reduce cancer deaths over the coming decades.

Experts tell that the move will likely prevent more people from becoming addicted to nicotine, though positive results may not be seen for years.

One expert warns that some heavily-addicted nicotine users will just start smoking more cigarettes to get their fix, causing even more bodily harm to themselves in the process.

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