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Dr Nick Coatsworth takes swipe at Covid rules that stopped millions of Aussie kids going to school

Former deputy chief health officer Dr Nick Coatsworth has taken a swipe at draconian Covid rules that forced schools to close to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Dr Coatsworth took to Twitter this week, amplifying a scathing thread by Professor Francois Balloux, who was critical about extended school closures, that he blamed politicians, journalists and so-called ‘experts’ for. 

The director of the UCL Genetics Institute wrote: ‘At the risk of annoying everyone, extended school closures happened because:

  1. Some in society believed it was a price worth paying 
  2. Some journalists believed this is what their audience wanted to hear 
  3. Some politicians believed it was popular
  4. Some ‘experts’ pushed for it.’

Another Twitter user added a fifth reason to the list. 

‘I’d add: ‘5. Kids were seen as nothing…

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