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Aussie farmer’s brutal message to Coles and Woolworths

A farmer has lashed out at major Australian supermarkets for ‘jacking up’ the prices of some fruit and vegetables while buying them for a fraction of the cost in a move he says is ‘ripping off’ shoppers.

A cherry and apple farmer from Orange, in central NSW, Guy Gaeta, is at his wits end trying to keep up with the huge prices seen on the shelves for produce, which he claims aren’t flowing back to the farmers.

He said he heads down to the supermarket every week to see how much shoppers are having to fork out and is shocked to see such hefty prices.

Mr Gaeta said farmers would sell a head of lettuce for around $2 to retailers, but recently the vegetable has been seen on supermarket shelves with a price tag of up to $12.

‘It is rotten for the farmers, but even worse for the consumers.’

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