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Are you a dinosaur or a sex star? Tracey Cox reveals what makes us look old-fashioned in the bedroom

It’s not just our physical age that can make us lose touch with today’s fast-changing world.

Old-fashioned attitudes are just as dating – and, when it comes to sex, unappealing.

Clinging onto beliefs that are no longer (and possibly never were) true won’t do you any favours if you’re out to impress.

Make sure you’re not left on the sexual shelf by checking you’re not guilty of this dinosaur thinking…

Tracey Cox revealed a selection of old-fashioned attitudes towards sex that are unappealing in today’s fast-changing world (file image)


Old school thinking: You think the clitoris is the bit you can see.

Impressive: You know that’s just the tip and most of the clitoris extends below the surface.

For years, most people thought the clitoris was the highly sensitive tip…

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