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Student who would eat fast-food for EVERY meal loses six stone in one year

A woman has left TikTok users stunned after documenting her impressive 89lbs weight loss, proudly showcasing her stunning transformation, having shed the pounds in just one year. 

Allie Tarvin, 21, a student from Alabama, had struggled her entire life with losing weight; while she tried to stick to a wide variety ‘trending’ diets, including keto, she always found herself giving up after growing frustrated with the rigid restrictions that she had to stick to. 

Growing up, her class peers used to comment on her weight and soon, she started making fun of her own body, as well as calling herself ‘fat’ so that nobody else would say anything.

She started experiencing fatigue, a lack of self-confidence and recalls hating the way she looked, where she began to feel embarrassed about her body,…

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