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France faces ‘chaos and disorder’ under Le Lame Duck Macron as he meets rivals to salvage power 

A senior French politician says France faces ‘chaos and disorder’ after Emmanuel Macron suffered a stunning setback in parliamentary elections which lost him his absolute majority.

The lame duck leader, who only two months ago secured reelection, lost more than 100 seats in the National Assembly after voters rejected his ‘arrogance’ and opted instead for far-right and left parties.

Now Macron will struggle to push through his centrist agenda and will need to rely on the support of rival parties to avoid parliamentary gridlock. 

To add to the ‘chaos’, prime minister Elisabeth Borne, who was only appointed by Macron in May, offered her resignation but the head of state turned it down. 

One of those to have won gains was the French Communist Party, who now have 12 seats in the lower…

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