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DR MICHAEL MOSLEY: Why a bus pass isn’t the only perk of getting older! 

There are lots of things that get worse as we age, from eyesight to reaction time, but I am delighted to say that there are also things that get better.

And there are plenty of older people out there showing what is still possible, from the Rolling Stones, who next week begin another worldwide tour (Mick Jagger is 78), to Anneka Rice, 63, who’s about to reprise her action role in a new version of Challenge Anneka.

But there are also scientifically proven reasons to celebrate getting older.

Allergies improve

I used to be really sensitive to grass pollen, so much so that at this time of year I would have found it impossible to go walking in the fields without taking antihistamines.

But as I get older (I’m now 65), my hay fever has got better to the extent that I can now go into the fields…

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