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Woman who suffers from rare ‘maple syrup urine disease’ says that she may DIE over formula shortage

A woman who suffers from the rare ‘maple syrup urine disease’ says that the formula shortage striking much of the nation may kill her.

Hannah Dolins, 28, requires specialized metabolic formula at every meal in order to live, as her condition prevents her body from properly breaking down proteins in other food.

She goes through around three cases of Ketonex-2 formula every month, but because of nationwide supply shortages she has not been able to purchase a new case for three months now.

Her supplies are dwindling, and she tells Insider that she fear the shortage will lead to death. A recent COVID-19 infection she has suffered has only made matters worse as well. 

While she is an adult, many parents around the country are telling similar tales of how these recent shortages have placed…

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