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Urgent warning for Australian dog owners about deadly bacterial disease 

Vets have issued an urgent warning to dog owners about the worrying rise of a rare but deadly bacterial disease found in at least two states.

A spate of leptospirosis infections has been detected across Sydney and in the NSW Lake Macquarie region, which claimed the lives of at least two dogs and left a 12-week-old puppy fighting for life.

The disease, transmitted from urine of infected animals such as rodents, has also been detected in the Northern Territory and can lead to permanent internal damage and, in some cases, death.

Emma Bagnall rushed her usually energetic and playful 12-week-old Storm to the vets suffering from vomiting and diarrhea after a sudden change in temperament.

The Swiss Shepherd had been struck down with leptospirosis, leaving him critically ill.

Emma Bagnall was told to expect for the worst after her puppy Storm became critically ill

Emma Bagnall…

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