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Megan Barnard outed as a lesbian by disgraced colleague in sexist group chat breaks her silence

Megan Barnard has broken her silence after being outed by a Fox Sports colleague in a leaked video in March. 

Barnard, who has worked for the company since 2013, has been one of Australia’s main sports presenters for women’s cricket. She also hosts and presents news about the NRL for the station.

Her former colleague Tom Morris was sacked after a leaked video surfaced where he revealed Barnard’s sexual orientation to a Whatsapp group on social media. 

Speaking to Stellar magazine, Barnard said she feared publicly coming out because it could impact her career and gave an insight into her discovering her own sexuality. 

‘I knew I was gay from the age of 12… It was such a painful time during my teens, feeling what I was feeling and desperately wanting those thoughts to go away and to be…

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