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Caramilk fans in a frenzy over Aldi’s new $1.99 version of the block

Caramilk fans are in a frenzy over $1.99 Aldi dupe many claim tastes EXACTLY like the original – so have you tried it?

  •  Aldi fans in a frenzy over retailer’s newest Caramilk dupe which costs $1.99
  • A regular block of Caramilk chocolate costs $5-per-block at major supermarkets
  • Chocolate lovers said the newest version of Caramilk is close to ‘the real thing’

Budget-savvy Caramilk fans are in a frenzy over Aldi’s new caramalised white chocolate block which they claim is the ‘most delicious dupe yet’.

And at $1.99 the chocolate block is much cheaper than the…

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