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Skeleton of a dinosaur that inspired the ‘raptor’ in Jurassic Park sells for $12.4 MILLION

A skeleton of a fearsome dinosaur that was depicted in a terrifying scene in Jurassic Park has sold for a whopping $12.4 million at auction.

Standing at 4ft-tall and 10ft-long, the 110 million-year-old skeleton belongs to apex predator Deinonychus antirrhopus. 

Deinonychus became one of the world’s most recognisable dinosaurs, after the release of the 1993 blockbuster ‘Jurassic Park’, in which it stalked the children through a kitchen.

But the creature’s true name was not considered dramatic enough by the writer of the book, on which the film was based.

Instead, author Michael Crichton chose to call it a velociraptor which was in fact a much smaller relative of Deinonychus.

Auctioneers Christie’s sold ‘Hector’, the world’s only privately owned Deinonychus fossil, at a prestigious…

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