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Palm Island people still feel pain of a man’s death 16 years ago and injustice that led to unrest

Hundreds of members of the ZANU PF police militia raised their arms in a fascist salute to the Minister for Police as she stirred them up at a rally and told them to hold firm and not be held to account for white deaths in custody.

The rally was aimed at preventing the arrest and charge of Milton Obwame, the Zimbabwean police sergeant who was the only suspect in the death of white farmer Frank Harris.

Mr Harris was a little inebriated when he had got into a scrap with hulking police militia sergeant Obwame, who had a large frame and stood 185 cm tall.

The result: Harris was found dead in a police cell with a ruptured spleen and his liver cloven in two.

Sgt Obwame was the only suspect – and he had ”form” from previous postings to remote white communities.

People of Palm Island settled their claims with the Queensland Government for $30 million in a settlement approved by the the Federal Court in 2018

People of Palm Island…

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