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Jeff Bezos CRIES as he describes how his father fled to the US from Cuba aged 16

Jeff Bezos has teared up as he told how his father immigrated to the US from Cuba when he was 16.

The Amazon billionaire, 58, got emotional as he described Miguel ‘fighting for a better life’ when he left Santiago due to Fidel Castro seizing power.

He said he ‘had those tough experiences’, adding: ‘I think in every immigrant you’ll find a deep optimism and a deep resilience too.’

Bezos opened up about his feelings towards his father at the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Awards last week.

Miguel, who adopted Bezos as his own son when he married his mother Jackie, won the award for ’embodying the heart of the immigrant story’.

He moved to the US after Castro seized power in Cuba and nationalized his father’s successful lumber mill business.

He went to college before working for Exxon and…

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