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Battle for Snake Island: The rocky outpost could determine the outcome of the war, writes PENDLEBURY

Like two silver fish darting over a reef, a pair of Sukhoi SU-27 fighter bombers — the Ukrainian air force’s most potent combat aircraft — are in the last moments of a night-time low-level attack over the Black Sea.

Seen through the night vision camera of a loitering Bayraktar drone, the planes reach a small land mass, spitting decoy flares in their wakes to confuse Russian missile systems.

As the Sukhois cross the target area there is a series of brilliant flashes, their bombs detonating among buildings and alongside a pier. Secondary explosions and palls of smoke, that blossom until they almost entirely obscure the drone’s view, suggest the jets have hit substantial fuel or munition stores.

The dramatic footage, filmed this week, is proof that the totemic battle for Snake Island…

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