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Woman asks if anal sex needs special consent

A woman has provoked a debate after claiming she’s had ‘unwelcome and unexpected’ anal sex with several men. 

Taking to the British parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman said that she’d slept with three men who anally penetrated her without specifically asking her permission.

Feeling uncomfortable about the siutation, she aske a friend if it was normal, and she was told it’s ‘just part of ‘having sex’ and unless you are clear you don’t want anal.’ 

The women said she doesn’t agree with this advice saying she believes that ‘anal is not expected but is discussed and decided on the couples preferences.’

Most agreed with her view on this, and the woman wrote in a follow-up post: ‘I’m glad I’m not crazy. It’s upset me for a long time and made something I would have perhaps explored with…

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