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Two-headed snake defies odds of one in a hundred million to stun scientists and survive 17 years 

An extremely rare two-headed snake has stunned its handlers by bucking all predictions of its imminent demise and is preparing to celebrate its 17th birthday. 

The black rat snake, which is really snakes sharing one slithering body, has grown to five feet long and has already exceeded the life expectancy of its regular counterparts in the wild.

The serpent sisters were found by a boy in his yard in the small town of Delta, Missouri in 2005 and brought to Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center.

The existence of a two-headed snake was already a one-in-a-100,000 long shot, and that it would live to such a ripe old age made it a one-in-a-hundred-million wonder, according to Snake expert Steve Allain, a council member of the British Herpetological Society.

He said: ‘I know of another…

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