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Vicky White told Casey White ‘let’s get out and run’ before shooting herself, audio reveals

Disturbing new audio reveals Vicky White pleading with her prison lover Casey to ‘get out and run’ as they were chased by police in Indiana, seconds before she shot herself dead. 

The audio was released on Tuesday night as Casey was brought back to Alabama to face charges. In the 7-minute audio clip, Vicky can be heard pleading: ‘Stop! Stop! The airbags are going off!’ 

In a quieter voice, she then said: ‘Let’s get out and run.’ 

It’s unclear who called 911 from the Cadillac that Vicky and Casey were using to try to outrun police. Seconds after she uttered her final words, their car was rammed into a ditch by US Marshals and Vicky  shot herself in the head. 

Police said that Vicky was the one driving the car. 

Before she pulled the trigger, some of the cops chasing them could be heard…

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